The President of the Assembly shall be elected from amongst the Presidents/Speakers of the Member Parliaments for two years, by acclamation or by the majority vote of the delegates present and voting, at the beginning of the first meeting of the Plenary.

The outgoing President or, in his/her absence, the head of the delegation of the outgoing President, shall open the inaugural Session, pending the election of the new President.

The Plenary shall also elect four Vice-Presidents (Article 10 of the Charter) from among the heads of delegations as well as a Rapporteur from among delegates, bearing in mind equitable geographical distribution.

The President of the Assembly shall preside over the extra-ordinary Plenary Session(s) during his/her term of office.

The Bureau of the Assembly shall be composed of the President of the Assembly, the four Vice-Presidents and a Rapporteur, who shall be elected for a two-year term on the basis of equitable geographical distribution.
The Bureau of the Assembly, which shall be assisted by the Secretary-General, shall take all appropriate measures to ensure the effective organization and normal functioning of the plenary proceedings, in accordance with the Charter and the Rules of Procedure.

The President shall open, suspend and close the sittings, direct the work of the Plenary, ensure respect for the Rules, call upon speakers, put questions to vote, announce the results of the voting and declare the Plenary closed. The President's decisions in these matters shall be final. The President shall decide on APA matters not covered by these Rules, after having the advice of the Bureau.