The APA shall be composed of the Plenary, the Executive Council, Bureau of the Assembly, the Committees as may be Established, and the Secretariat.
As  the  most  important  organ,  the  Plenary  shall  be  composed  of Appointed delegates of the member parliaments, who are elected by their respective national parliaments for a two-year term of office .
Other Asian Parliaments, regional and international organizations  may attend the Sessions of the Plenary of the APA as Observers upon  approval by the Executive Council.
The Plenary may approve decisions, resolutions and declarations or  submit  reports  on  general policies  of  the APA  and on other  subjects related to its activities.
The Plenary shall hold at least one annual ordinary session.  In case of emergency, and upon request of any of the member parliaments and approval of majority of member parliaments, an extraordinary session shall be held.