Standing Committees

Standing Committees, Sub-Committees, Commissions and Subsidiary Bodies

In addition to the five Standing Committees; Political, Peace and Security, Social and Cultural, Economic and Sustainable Development, and Energy, the Plenary may set up other Standing Committees, Sub-Committees, Commissions and Subsidiary Bodies as it deems necessary to deal with any subject of interests and to examine the issues on its agenda. These bodies shall submit their reports and recommendations to the Plenary for its consideration and decision. Upon suggestion of the Bureau or at least 10 Member Parliaments, establishment of other Standing Committees or of Sub-Committees, Commissions or Subsidiary Organs shall be put on the agenda of the Executive Council. The recommendation of the Executive Council on this issue is approved by the majority vote of the delegates present and voting in the Plenary. The inter-sessional meetings of the Sub-Committees, Commissions and Subsidiary Organs shall be convened by the Member Parliament hosting the previous Plenary, unless following mutual agreement of the President and the Permanent Secretariat, they may be hosted by another Member Parliament. Number of membership of each Sub-Committee, Commission and Subsidiary body, taking into account the equitable geographical distribution, and the duration and number of their inter-sessional meetings shall be approved by the Plenary.