The 10th APA Plenary

Date: 26 February 2020
Venue: İstanbul (TURKEY)
Start Date: 11/21/2017
End Date: 11/24/2017

NO. Subject Last Update Download
1Draft Agenda EC210/14/2017Draft Agenda EC2
2Draft Agenda of the 10th Plenary Session10/14/2017Draft Agenda of the 10th Plenary Session
3General Infomation10/14/2017General Infomation
4Invitation letter10/14/2017Invitation letter
5Tentative PROGRAM ,10 Plenary Istanbul10/14/2017Tentative PROGRAM ,10 Plenary Istanbul
6Registration Form - 10th plenary10/14/2017Registration Form - 10th plenary
7List of Draft Resolutions 201711/14/2017List of Draft Resolutions 2017