APA Secretary General’s Message on Traditional Feast of Nowruz

On the arrival of the jubilant occasion of Nowruz, APA Secretary General, Dr. Majidi cabled separate messages of congratulations to the Parliament Speakers and Heads of Tehran-based Diplomatic Missions of the APA Member Countries who celebrate Nowruz.

In part of his message to the APA Parliament Speakers, Dr. Majid referred to the Nowruz Holidays celebrated by millions of people in different countries across the world calling it an important occasion in the season of new beginnings which is in harmony with the rebirth of the nature

He then touched on the International Day of Nowruz commemorated every year on March 21, as a highly significant and anticipated global event marking the arrival of spring which is reminiscent of the revival and awakening of nature.

In fact, the Nowruz Day festival serves as a feast aiming to promote values of peace, friendship and harmony uniting humanity across the globe, he added.

In his message to the Heads of Tehran-based Diplomatic Mission, Dr. Majidi felicitated the occasion and said this traditional festivity which is registered by the UN as an International Day encourages values of peace and solidarity among generations and within families , contributing  to cultural diversity and friendship among peoples as well as different communities.

  • 19 March 2023
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