APA Secretary General’s New Year Congratulatory Cables

On the occasion of the New Year, the APA Secretary General, Dr. Majidi sent separate cables of congratulation to the Speakers of the APA Member Parliaments and the concerned Heads of the APA Members affiliated Diplomatic Missions based in Tehran.

Among his other New Year and Season’s Greetings, Dr. Majidi also cabled messages of congratulations to his counterparts in the regional parliamentary assembles as well as to the IPU President and Secretary General.

In his message to the APA Parliament Speakers, Dr. Majidi thanked all the member parliaments for their collective measures in the year 2021 and expressed hope for further solidarity among APA members in the coming year in a bid to realize the aspirations envisaged by the APA founders under its Charter through enhanced parliamentary cooperation.

In congratulatory message to the IPU Secretary General, Dr. Majidi commended the IPU unceasing measures in the course of it’s over 130 years of relentless efforts to bring parliamentary dimensions into international cooperation.

APA secretary General also appreciated the IPU’s commendable parliamentary visions in the face of the global challenges and hoped for greater success and more brilliant future for this long-lasting global parliamentary organization ever than before.

Finally Dr. Majidi expressed his heartfelt wishes for strengthening of parliamentary approaches in order to give further momentum to the manifestations of parliamentary diplomacy as part of the mission of representative institutions aimed at bringing parliamentary perspective to global governance as well as the promotion of peace.

  • 27 December 2021
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