The 2nd APA Bureau Session along with the 1st WG Meeting ended after two days of lively deliberations

APA Bureau Members joined together last week (11-14 October) at Ürgüp, Nevşehir Province, in the central Anatolia region of Turkey in a fresh attempt to give further momentum to the activities of the Organization. This was the second Bureau Session intended to cover certain vitally important issues.

Under the agenda provided by the Secretariat in coordination with the host parliament in its capacity as APA President, the participants exchanged views on several core issues needed to be tackled, particularly on the scale of assessment and payment of annual contributions by member parliaments. APA future activities and candidacy for the next term of the organization’s presidency were also among other issues deliberated at this Bureau Session. 

In another development, the Bureau Meeting was followed by the pre-planned session of the APA Working Group (WG) on Statutory Documents. This event was the first series of sessions convened last week to scrutinize the APA Charter based on the amendments proposed by several member parliaments.

Convened for two days, this 8 member Ad hoc Group was established under the decision adopted at the first APA Executive Council in 2019, with a mandate to make a thorough revision of the APA Charter and other related basic documents in order to give fresh momentum to the work of the Organization.

This is a major initiative undertaken by the APA as a need to ensure that our working methods keep pace with the rapidly changing situation and to adapt ourselves with future events in order to be able to continue our mission and to play a key role in working towards greater regional integration as well as being an active advocate for the welfare of the region.

When the idea to amend the Statute and other related basic documents of the Organization was raised for the first time in Rize, Turkey in the course of the first APA Executive Council, Kuwait, a nominee to host this first meeting of the WG in February 2020 had made all necessary arrangements and invited the elected members to convene in Kuwait, but all of a sudden the scheduled program was cancelled in the aftermath of the unprecedented outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, this recent meeting of the WG held at Ürgüp, Nevşehir Province is a continuation of the efforts stalled in recess for nearly two years as a result of deadly global pandemic. In fact, last week WG meeting is a fresh attempt to drive forward scrutiny of the APA Statutory Documents for a better future in the work of our Organization.

  • 16 October 2021
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